Unique Painters takes pride in their highly trained and experienced waterproofing contractors who will guarantee that your waterproofing project is handled efficiently and expertly. Our contractors are skilled, qualified, and dedicated to providing all clients with the highest standards of quality. From planning to initiation of the project, every step is carefully monitored from start to finish. Unique Painters also depends on self-engineered products while they strive to ensure client satisfaction through every stage of the process so you know that you are in good hands when it comes to trusting us with your project. We understand that when it comes to waterproofing projects, attention to detail and quality assurance are key ingredients – that’s why we’re here!

Our waterproofing work is guaranteed, and the length of the guarantee is dependent on the contract. We waterproof all types of roofs – commercial, industrial, and residential – including flat roofs, concrete slab roofs, pitched tiled roofs, balconies, skylights, parapet walls, sidewalls, chimneys and chimney flashings, leaking chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, dome skylights, plumbing inspection covers, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs and box gutters.

At Unique Painters, we take waterproofing seriously. Our products provide an impeccable water-tight seal that ensures no possible moisture can penetrate through the barrier. Not only does this prevent leaks but it also acts as a form of insulation against excessive heat build-up in summer months. A UV filter helps to preserve the lifespan of our products and guarantee that the long-term integrity of the seal won’t be affected by seasons or events. From swimming pools to roof systems, Unique Painter’s waterproofing solutions can be found worldwide providing superior quality and performance every time.