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Interior Painting Services

The next step is to help our clients select the appropriate paint and finishes. We understand which paints are best for all surface possibilities. We use our expertise to advise our customers on when it is most beneficial to use oil or latex, and what specific sheen option is most suited to their project.

Last in the process is our selection of painting tools. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of using the finest brushes, rollers, and applicators. A secret to achieving the most desirable result is to use the highest quality products for all of our interior work. This level of detail ensures that the trickiest of corners are covered and a brushstroke is never found!

Paint can have a big impact on the way a room or interior space presents itself. That is true whether the paint is on a wall, mouldings, door, cabinets or any other interior surface.  Unique Painters can handle all of your interior painting services. We can give your home, apartment or office just the look you are going for – dramatic, subtle, bright, professional – you name it. Of course, an interior painting job means that you will have painters in your space. You can rest assured that we will be neat and clean and that we will work to minimize the inconvenience to you.

We excel in all types of painting projects for our clients. When it comes to interior painting, we are extremely proud of the meticulous steps we take. Let’s talk about your next interior painting project—give us a call today!

Our vision is to create a magnificently beautiful space when we offer interior painting services. The steps we take to make it happen are carefully planned and coordinated so that every customer is entirely happy and delighted with their fresh new look.

We believe every step in the painting process is equally important to the success of the final product. The first two steps are preparing the work environment and cleaning/prepping the surfaces. Next, we select the proper paint texture, sheen, and colour in collaboration with our clients. Last, but not least, we use only the finest professional tools to make sure the application is as smooth and artfully applied as possible.

There is nothing more important than protecting our clients’ valuable furnishings while we are working in their homes. We take pride in the skill of our interior painting services and we always take the extra step to ensure all furniture is neatly tucked away and away from the painting environment. Our clients expect this level of professionalism including our taking care to leave them a spotless floor!

Preparing the surface is a critical step to an impeccably beautiful job. We make sure to smooth fine lines and cracking and we do away with peeling paint and imperfections. The most important phase is to clean the surfaces. We always start with an immaculately clean surface and we use a gentle non-toxic, solution. It is one of the best things we do to guarantee our interior painting services lead to stunning results.

Exterior Painting Services

Unique Painters presents serious challenges to achieving quality exterior painting services. Our beautiful weather can wreak havoc if the work is not prepped according to our local conditions.

Since 2005 we have learned the skills to prevent damage from the year-round sun. We understand how important it is to use products that permeate the buildings’ materials. When correct preparation is ignored, paint on stucco will crack and paint on wood will not last. In South Africa, an exterior painter cannot simply apply a primer and two coats of paint as the norm in other areas of the country!

In our exterior painting services, we firmly believe in using the state of the art “Elastoplast” products to reduce the porous nature of building materials in combination with the intense sun. There are numerous manufacturers’ products that we advocate and some of them even offer lifetime guarantees. Our experience of twenty-plus years of house exterior painting has taught us the value of preparation. The challenge is to achieve more than a beautiful painting job. Exterior painting work must have extraordinary longevity and last for many years to come!

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. If it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior, give Unique Painters a call.

Sun exposure and weather can wear down the paint on the exterior of your home. Whether you are unhappy with the look of your house, want to be the best-looking place in the neighbourhood, or if you want to improve your home’s value before it goes on the market, you can trust Unique Painters to provide excellent exterior painting services. We’ll apply our expertise in exterior house painting to have your home look like new.

We’ll be honoured to have the opportunity to paint your house, so you can count on us to be professional and tidy, and to conduct a full clean-up quickly after finishing the project. We are also flexible and efficient, so we can work when it’s most convenient for you and get the job done quickly with a high level of quality.

If you would like to have your house painted by one of the best painting contractors in the area, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

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