Terms & Conditions

All transactions between Unique Painters and the Client will be subject to the terms and conditions contained hereinafter.

  1. Quotations valid for 30 days
  2. Unique Painters does not provide any guarantee on rust, damp or cracks after completed project. Should rust and/or damp and/or cracks develop the guarantee will become null and void. Should hail/rain damage be found on the walls the guarantee will become null and void and repair costs can be claimed from the client’s insurance.
  3. Should the paintwork be tampered with by any third party the guarantee will be rendered null and void.
  4. Client will be required to pay a 70% deposit on acceptance of the quote and balance on completion. Unless otherwise specified in writing.
  5. Client undertakes to settle the account in full on presentation of final invoice by Unique painters.
  6. The guarantee will only be issued once the invoice has been paid in full.
  7. Any cancellations of quotations accepted will have a 10% cancellation fee charged to the client. (To cover our bank and admin charges).
  8. Timeouts access to site to be made available by the Client at all times for the completion of the contract.
  9. The client takes full responsibility to remove all items of furniture/fittings/fixtures/vehicles etc, to mitigate any damage that could occur during the course of the contract.
  10. The Client hereby indemnifies Unique Painters and all its personnel for all damages, consequential damages, force majeure, unforeseen damages, loss of income or any other loss suffered by Client or any third party as a result of any activities while work is being performed by Unique Painters in terms of above quotation. 
  11. Please note that this quote excludes any unseen or hidden problems which may affect the quoted work undertaken. Should any additional remedial repairs need to be undertaken that could not be seen prior to the work commencing, an additional quotation will be submitted.
  12. If the Client requires any additional work or alterations other than as specified in the quote, he/she shall advise Unique painters and Unique painters shall provide the client with a new quote.
  13. Should the quotation submitted not be accepted in its entirety, Unique painters retains the right to amend the quotation before commencement of work.
  14. Although extreme caution will be taken when working near TV cables, Unique Painters will not be held liable for damages to them as most times these cables are brittle and worn from exposure to sunlight.
  15. Unique Painters will not be held liable for errors and omissions relating to the above quotation.
  16. Unspecified areas are excluded from the above quotation.
  17. Amendments to the above quotation are only valid when reduced in writing and signed by both parties.
  18. All items and products used to complete the project, will remain the property of Unique painters until full payment has been received.
  19. If payment is not received after 7 days of sending the final invoice, Unique painters rights remain reserved to proceed in legal action and the client will be responsible for legal costs on an Attorney and Own Client scale.
  20. Unique Painters does not take any responsibility for structural defects where the paint is applied to. Should the paint fail due to structural defects of the building, the guarantee will become null and void.
  21. Should you, the client, not be entirely happy with the remedial work or service provided by Unique Painters, you as the client undertake to inform Unique Painters within 7-days of completion of the services rendered. Please address your complaint in writing to: management@uniquepainters.co.za . Unique Painters undertake to address all complaints and queries promptly. Should any part or provision of these Terms and Conditions be held unenforceable or in conflict with the applicable law of any jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining parts or provisions shall not be affected thereby.