Damp Proof

Damp can cause extreme damage to your house resulting in market value dropping, possible structural damage and a complete eye sore.

    • Rising Damp: Rising dampness occurs when moisture and salts rise vertically up from the which results in paint flaking, paint bubbles, brittle plaster etc. if left untreated it can cause extreme damage to your property.
    • Penetrating Damp: This dampness of damp is caused by moisture being seeped up into your wall thru cracks in the wall, exposed parapet walls, faulty pipework within the walls, faulty guttering, leaking roofs etc. this horizontal dampness can also be caused by walls that get soaked with water on a regular basis like your sprinkler system.
    • Condensation: Condensation dampness is probably the most common kind of dampness, this dampness occurs thru moist air condensing on walls. Areas mostly affected by this kind of dampness are your kitchen and your bathroom if untreated this dampness will affect your paint, plaster, and window frames and causes mould to grow on your walls, ceiling, window frames etc.

    Crack Repairs

    Damp can cause extreme damage to your house resulting in market value dropping, possible structural damage and a complete eye sore.

      • Humidity: Your home is constantly expanding and contracting as the humidity level rises and falls which ultimately causes stress on your plaster resulting in cracks forming. With the correct wall preparation, this is easily avoidable and an easy fix with the right professional.
      • Plaster: There are several reasons why your plaster cracks, like incorrect mix ratios that leave you with a weak wall finish that results in possible plaster coming loose a cracking. In older, homes your plaster may start to crack after defending your home against the harsh climate of South Africa thru the years.
      • Settling: It is normal for your home to start cracking while settling into its foundation, this usually happens after a few decades. Not to worry, this does not threaten the integrity of your home.


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        Replastering is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job that requires patience and skill. Whether the task involves patching up a small section of wall or completely replastering an entire room, it’s important to note that this is not a simple DIY (Do It Yourself) project. In order to ensure that the job is done properly, it’s important to hire a qualified professional who has experience with replastering. Furthermore, when choosing materials for the job be sure to pay attention to details such as choosing high-quality plaster and applying multiple layers in order to create the best possible finish. While you should expect to invest some time and money into restoring your walls with replastering, it will ultimately prove well worth it in terms of aesthetic and structural integrity.

          Wall Restoration

            Restoring a wall can be an intimidating task, but with the right tools and techniques, it’s within any homeowner’s reach. Not only will wall restoration freshen up the look of any home, it also protects one’s house from long-term damage caused by water penetration. Taking on this project requires some attention to detail and preparation, as using the wrong materials can hinder rather than help your effort – so make sure to do careful research beforehand. Doing proper wall restoration can enhance the value of any property, so despite its difficulty level, it is well worth taking on for a beautiful and sturdy end result.


            Starting with the walls of your home is essential to ensuring that your paint job will last and resist chipping and fading over time. By taking the time to prime, seal, clean and condition your walls prior to painting, you can guarantee the longevity of the paint job. With the right primer, sealer and a quality finish paint, your walls will not only look great today but also keep up against extreme weather elements ensuring they look good for years to come. Taking this extra step before painting with give you more piece of mind knowing your home is well built from the base up with a foundation that supports it through every season.

              Wood Work

                Painting steel and wood can be a tedious and labour-intensive task, but the effort is well worth it. With a good primer, you can ensure your steel palisades, gates, doors, decks, thatch timber, garage doors, window frames, galvanized gutters and down pipes have the necessary protection to remain rust/corrosion and wood mould/swell free throughout their long lifespan. Furthermore, these powerful layers of protection also give any exterior items a fresh look that will surely increase the aesthetic value of your home or business building.