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5 Things to Look for In a Painting Company – And How We Compare

The appearance of your home or business really matters. For homeowners, a superb paint job not only creates curb appeal but increases the market value of your residence. Businesses, on the other hand, rely upon physical appearances to draw customers and close important sales – without which success is not possible. The painting company you select to take on your project needs to offer so much more than an impressive marketing strategy or a wide range of products. You need a contractor that will commit to excellence and see the project through to the end – clean-up included. Below, we take a look at five vital factors to seek in a painting company.

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1. World-Class Professionalism

Not sticking to scheduling plans, shoddy work, or being dropped at the last minute are all evidence that a painting company is not worth your time. Pay careful attention to the level of friendliness and efficient communication you receive while contacting the company. Also, try to take note of red flags such as a hesitance to give you a full quote or answer your queries in detail.

2. Essential Credentials and Insurance

Here at Unique Painters, our painting company is 100% compliant with the Health and Safety Act. We are also licensed as residential, commercial, and industrial painters, and our teams are insured for your peace of mind. Hiring us means you can be sure we use accepted and recognised techniques and ensure that our teams are kept safe on the job.

3. A List of References

Service delivery is easy to sell, especially when most people do not ask for references and examples of projects within a contractor’s portfolio. It is always wisest to ask your painting company, however, for a few references beforehand to ensure they are capable of keeping up with your needs. At Unique Painters, we offer our clients references upon request to help put their mind at ease when it comes to the quality of our workmanship.

4. Experience with Projects Like Yours

Every project is different and will require a specific set of tools, products, and skills. Before hiring your contractor, find out about their previous experience with projects similar to yours and what processes will be implemented for the duration of the project. With us, over 13 years of experience means that we understand the industry well, and you can trust us to meet your custom needs. We also make it easy to track the progress of your project and have a customer service team that is available six days a week to help you with any concerns or questions.

5. A Workmanship Guarantee

We have the required public liability coverage, which means we can offer you a workmanship guarantee on each completed project. This guarantee lasts six years and, upon completion of your project, you will receive a certificate acknowledging the guarantee.

Our clients in Midrand, Pretoria, and Centurion choose us because of our excellent industry reputation and then stay with us long-term because of our professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. If you would like a quote on your project, no matter how large or small, be sure to contact us today.